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Kitchen Sink Strainer - Online Shop
Kitchen Sink Strainer - Online Shop
Kitchen Sink Strainer - Online Shop

Kitchen Sink Strainer

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  • Anti-slip strainers make your drains clog-free
  • Cute & functional
  • Comes in blue or red
  • Material: Plastic & TPR resin (plastic & rubber)
  • Washable

Add a little style to your kitchen sink with these colorful Kitchen Sink Strainers! These strainers are cute as well as functional and they stay in place and won't slip around, keeping your drain completely clog free! Keep unwanted items such as food, straws, toothpicks, money and even rings from accidentally falling into the drain or garbage disposal. The durable design will ensure that your strainer is long lasting!

The Kitchen Sink Strainer is produced using environmentally friendly plastics for the bottom and soft, TPR resin material for the flower shape. TPR exhibits certain physical characteristics of both rubbers and plastics, won't stain and is easy to wash with warm soapy water. It also keeps its color, even after extended periods of use. 

The 2.5mm diameter petal holes are efficient at preventing clogs, while allowing water to flow uninhibited down into the drain. The handle-pull design makes it easy to pull out, so that food and other debris can be thrown into the trash once collected. These strainers are so much easier to keep clean than the traditional metal strainers with the rubber gaskets. 

Kitchen Sink Strainer comes in either red or blue.

Dimensions: 4x3x1.5 inches

Weight: 1.12 oz.

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          Looks great, I didn't use it yet but I'm happy with the purchase thanks

          M Beal

          Very happy I purchases this item. Super pretty!!

          Barbara S. Carder

          it's really useful and good for the price, highly recommend it.

          Lisa Romo

          AMAZING quality and value!

          Connor sandall

          Nice quality and great price.Highly recommend! Worth it .